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2014 Honda Fit SUV

Monday, August 26th 2013. | Honda

The 2014 Honda Fit SUV will release in September, the model endeavors to recover lost deals authority at first for the 2014 Toyota Prius and soon after the more diminutive adaptation half and half, the Aqua Prius C. Additionally the smaller Honda always switches the third spot standing with the Nissan, Demonstrating its the 2007 model.keeping the same arrangement of past eras, the new Honda gets stronger wrinkles on the sides and base of the bended glass, thought inherited from Jade. The front consolidates components of current models of the mark and back maybe the most questionable auto, configuration remindVolvo models. Contrasted with the present auto, the length increments 5cm wheelbase and 3 cm.

The 2014 Honda Fit SUV inside additions refinement creases on the instrument, the sound and touch plastic completion and much higher and more stupendous interior space, with 6.5 cm of legroom and trunk with 1.33 m wide and 70 cm long as per the organization, with the back seats collapsed you can convey a couch. The 2014 Honda Fit SUV 2014 Honda Fit SUV motors utilized are the 1.3 99 hp, 1.5 130 hp and 1.5 crossover Atkinson cycle, +30 118 hp new group of “Earth Dreams”, which appeared in kei autos N and N-One-Box. Guarantee low fuel utilization 28 km / l in 1.3, 23 km / l in 1.5 22 km / l on RS adaptation and 36 km / l in the half and half, the number that the new 2014 Fit will stay on top of the agenda of autos more temperate in Japan, in any case, are information.

2014 Honda Fit SUV gas models transmissions offered are the CVT and manual 5:06 apparatuses this just in the Fit RS. The half and half adaptation gets an idct double grasp 7-speed. Compact supremacy in Japanese and the selector switch of apparatuses is unique in relation to the others, the example mixtures Toyota. All models have four-wheel drive alternative with the exception of RS. Around the offices offered by the 2014 Honda Fit SUV, the highlights for the immediate enactment of the brakes if there should be an occurrence of obstruction front and headlights with LED sort lights. It will be the first of its thoughtful to offer. The costs of new go 1,300,000 yen or 29,400 reais (1.3 L) to 1,750,000 yen or 39,600 reais. The 2014 Honda Fit SUV half and half will require from 1.69 million yen 38,240 dollars.

2014 Honda Fit SUV

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